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2mrw is a digitally-centric hybrid consultancy and production company that believes every individual has their unique point of view.That’s why our agile ideation process, teams and ideas are based on looking at things from every possible angle. We are built from the ground up and specifically designed to evolve with the changing demands of modern marketing communications.

Our teams are constructed to include a unique mix of strategists, data scientists, behavioral psychologists, technologists, designers, journalists and storytellers. These experts work together with our clients to craft tailored, branded experiences and build tools that uniquely activate a brand’s promise, are memorable, useful and leave people wanting more.


In today’s world of marketing communications it’s easy to get lost, chase fads, trends, buzzwords and gimmicks. We’re here to clear a path and help stay focused on what it takes to truly build a brand using the power of what big, organizing ideas can do when they manifest throughout your organization and across an exploding landscape.

Sometimes it takes wading through what not to do just as much as what to do. Sometimes less is more. Often less, more effective is even better. Do you really need to reach that many people with so little or do you just need to reach the right people with something they appreciate?

2mrw offers a variety of consulting services aimed at helping our clients realize their full potential. These services are offered as part of our full service process or as a standalone offering.

  • Brand & business strategy
  • Communications & experience planning
  • Content distribution strategy
  • Insight & market research
  • Data analysis
  • Innovation & product planning
  • Creative ideation


Nothing is worse then spending a lot of time and money on people that talk a lot (and often sound very convincing) about something they really have no idea on how to implement, make, build, and create. Too often this leads to disappointment for everyone. Today, if you’re not intimately involved in what can be done, it’s near impossible to know what to do. We believe in closing the traditional gap between the “thinkers” and the “makers” by having them all under one roof.

At 2mrw, we believe in seeing ideas through so we offer a full capability to realize any outcomes of consulting with us. Whether it’s a programmatic or social media campaign, mobile app, digital publication or feature film, a consistent team will produce it ensuring quality and a drive to create what was originally conceived.

  • Brand design
  • Web, installation & mobile development
  • Branded content
  • Digital & feature films
  • Programmatic creative
  • Product development
  • Editorial & digital publishing
  • Photography & retouching


John McGarry


John has advertising in his blood, and it shows in his storied career. He brings over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience from both the client and agency sides of the business. Most recently, John founded and led the digital practice at mcgarrybowen where he was Chief Digital Officer and partner. With a commitment to encouraging creative solutions, technological innovation, and tried-and-tested client service, this group provided digital solutions to mcgarrybowen’s Fortune 500 clients.


At 2mrw we are fanatics. Fanatics about what we do, how it’s changing and everything that influences it. Here you can see a sample of what makes us tick and inspires us to push further.

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For us it’s not about the size of the brand or the influence of a name. It’s about brands willing to jump into the marketing communications of tomorrow and stay ahead of their competition. Brands that want to be leaders, not followers. If this is you then we’d love to help your brand values come to life in new and innovative ways.

Jobs / Partners

We are always looking for people, to work and collaborate with, who have diverse creative talents and a tendency towards action. We’ve broken down the walls of traditional creative teams with a view that diversity fuels creativity. As a result our doors are open to anyone with creative vision and the drive to create.


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We believe brands should identify and create the valuable content that people crave.